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What Will Retirement Look Like

By: Dee Montgomery.

In today’s financially unstable society many Seniors find themselves asking…” What will my retirement look like?” “Will I have the assets to support myself? And for how long?”, “Who will look after me?”, “Am I financially safe and secure for the future?” Will I be able to retire at all? These questions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to planning for the future.

And as this future quickly approaches, caregivers and family members find themselves overwhelmed with all the decisions needed to be made on behalf of their loved ones. They are learning that they do not have all of the information and assistance they need in order to properly ensure the Senior’s well-being and security. This is especially true where there are no family members living close to the senior.

Deciding on a health care proxy, who should have power of attorney, who should be able to make financial decisions if and when the senior cannot make them for themselves can be stressful for family members. Even finding someone to do seemingly simple things like pay the electric and gas bills can be difficult when the family is so far away.

Geriatric Care Managers

Geriatric Care Managers are individuals that look out for the best interest of the Senior.  They:

  • Assess an older adult’s physical, mental, social, spiritual, environmental and economical situation.
  • Evaluate their legal and financial needs
  • Blend together a network of services to address those needs.

Geriatric Care Managers work to keep an individual in the least
restrictive environment
for as long as possible while also
anticipating  needs and preventing crisis

Guardians and Conservators

It is the guardian that makes decisions about the person. Medical decisions, decisions about where the person lives and what day-to-day care they receive are the guardian’s to make. Financial decisions are made by a Conservator. Bills, rents, and living expenses for the Senior are paid by the conservator from the Senior’s assets and government benefits. It is their obligation to look out for the senior’s best interests in all aspects of the financial world.

Prairie Rose Care Management

Prairie Rose Care Management has been providing Geriatric Care Management, Guardianship, and Conservatorship services for the last 7 years.

One client, Rebecca L. Olney of Maryland writes…

“Prairie Rose has been a life-saver by lifting our caregiver burdens, and providing the means to meet our parents’ needs. The relief of having Prairie Rose as our resource has been profound”.

We, at Prairie Rose would love to help you feel that same relief and peace of mind concerning your needs.

Whether you needed a family liason, help finding alternative housing, Guardianship, Conservatorship, Power of Attorney, help with Veterans’ benefits or any variety of tasks, we are here to serve you.

Call Jay at (319) 541-7057  or email him here for more information.

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