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Our Work

As a private firm, Prairie Rose is limited only by the wishes and desires of our clients. Rather than provide you with a list of things we can do (because we can do lots of things to help), we have chosen to provide some examples of things we have done. With you and your loved one, anything is possible!

Prairie Rose staff have cleaned out houses, washed hair, resolved conflicts and been a much needed shoulder to cry on.

We took over financial management for a beleaguered POA whose family member refused to stop driving, refused to move to a safer environment, was bouncing checks, and had accumulated $100,000 in various types of debt. We were able to get the car away, facilitate a move, and resolve the financial issues.

We took over the advocacy role for a daughter with two parents and another relative in a nursing home. We made sure that staff did more to prevent dehydration and increase activity and socialization. We also set up music therapy and physical therapy to improve speech, increase mobility and lessen depression. The daughter is now able to make her visits all about connecting with her family instead of spending her energy trying to get their basic needs met.

We served as intermediary between an independent living facility and an out of state family for a woman whose ability to live in that environment was questionable. We made sure every effort was made to allow her to live in the least restrictive environment, and when it became clear that she could not, we helped ease the transfer to a memory care unit.

We helped the estranged sons of an alcoholic father commit him for treatment and then continued to make sure his needs were met after he was discharged to a memory care unit. As his funds ran out, we advised the sons on how to spend down in compliance with Medicaid rules, we moved him to a facility that accepts Medicaid, and we completed the Medicaid application.

We have mediated family conflict and helped draft family agreements to provide transparency when a family member is the primary and sometimes paid caregiver.

We have been court appointed to serve as guardian and/or conservator for several women who were living in the community, had no family, were living in unsafe environments, and could no longer make their own decisions.

We are working with members of the disability community to develop guidelines and procedures for the transfer of substitute decision making.

We work with a retired professional woman who is fully competent, engaged, and energetic. We assist her in planning for long term care which helps her feel prepared.

Care Management can include:

  • Performing a holistic assessment
  • Advocating for loved one with doctors, lawyers, insurers, and other professionals
  • Identifying needed services and resources
  • Service coordination
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Monitoring to assure quality of care
  • Supporting through home visits
  • Acting as liaison between family members
  • Promoting resolution of family conflict
  • Educating family about senior issues
  • Counseling both care takers and clients

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